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The A320neo Family: unmatched efficiency

Duration: 00:01:21 | 8 Views

The future of single-aisle aircraft is taking flight with Airbus’ A320neo (new engine option) family, which is creating better, more efficient ways for airlines and passengers to fly. Learn more [...]

Iran selects Airbus for its civil aviation renewal

Duration: 00:01:58 | 1479 Views

 In a significant step for modernising Iran’s commercial aviation sector, Iranian officials have signed two agreements with Airbus at the Elysée Palace during Iranian President Hassan Rouhani’s [...]

Services by Airbus: connecting the dots

Duration: 00:01:46 | 205 Views

With a range of innovative services and tailored solutions to optimise costs and improve operational efficiency for airlines, Services by Airbus “connects the dots” for its customers. It offers [...]

The year in review: Airbus' 2015 highlights

Duration: 00:03:59 | 1639 Views

This video recaps a wide range of commercial and operational achievements for Airbus during 2015. Highlights for the year included the company’s 9,000th total aircraft delivery, the official [...]

In the making: the first TAM Airlines A350 XWB

Duration: 00:02:50 | 2332 Views

The first A350 XWB for TAM Airlines – delivered 16 December 2015 – takes shape in this video clip. It highlights the delivery of components, assembly, painting and other key production steps, and [...]

The history of aviation safety: Putting passengers’ safety first

Duration: 00:03:45 | 1792 Views

Significant improvements in safety have been made since the start of commercial aviation, allowing it to become a trusted mode of transportation that connects people and boosts businesses. In this [...]

The right aircraft, right now… and beyond: Airbus’ A330 Family

Duration: 00:01:00 | 3036 Views

This video highlights the benefits of Airbus modern, state-of-the-art A330 Family, which has become a preferred choice for more than 100 airlines around the world. Offering unrivalled low operating [...]

Fly with Airbus’ A330 Family

Duration: 00:01:00 | 602 Views

With one aircraft product line – the A330 Family – Airbus has created a versatile series of modern, efficient and comfortable jetliners. Offering superior operating economics and flexibility, the [...]

A320neo with Pratt & Whitney engines is certified

Duration: 00:02:07 | 1967 Views

Airbus’ Pratt & Whitney Pure Power PW1100G-JM-equipped A320neo (new engine option) version received dual Type Certification from the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and U.S. Federal Aviation [...]

A350 XWB Demo Tour Africa: Praise from Ethiopian Airlines

Duration: 00:01:37 | 400 Views

The A350 XWB – which is shaping the future of medium- to long-haul airline operations – made a strong impression on Airbus customers during its demonstration tour in the Middle East and Africa. [...]
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