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In the making: the first Ethiopian Airlines A350 XWB

Duration: 00:03:34 | 0 Views

Follow the initial Ethiopian Airlines A350 XWB as it advances through the manufacturing process – from delivery of components to the final assembly line in Toulouse, France, and concluding with the [...]

Airbus: conquering the skies (short version)

Duration: 00:00:36 | 95 Views

Airbus makes the freedom of flight possible by designing, manufacturing and supporting the world’s best aircraft. Its people around the globe are united by a passion for aviation, as well as their [...]

The A380 - Why Birmingham and Los Angeles say the aircraft helps their economies grow

Duration: 00:04:21 | 269 Views

Have you heard about the A380 effect? What is it?It’s called the A380 effect - when a city introduces the world’s biggest passenger plane - the impact on business and tourism development is [...]

A320neo powered by CFM engines: Flight test campaign

Duration: 00:02:07 | 138 Views

In a milestone marked 31 May 2016, the Airbus A320neo received Type Certification for its second engine option – CFM International’s LEAP-1A engine – from the European Aviation Safety Agency [...]

Airbus Innovation Centre develops 3D technology to provide virtual reality new interior cabins

Duration: 00:03:37 | 136 Views

Airbus has taken the best ideas from the gaming industry, film, and its own software engineers to transform interior cabin design creation. Creating a unique cabin look is one of the most important [...]

Cathay Pacific Airways A350 XWB in the making

Duration: 00:03:38 | 264 Views

This video follows production of the first A350 XWB for Cathay Pacific Airways from the fly-in of major airframe components to its progression through the final assembly process at Toulouse, France. [...]

Discover the new "e-Training by Airbus" offer

Duration: 00:02:52 | 224 Views

Customers can now purchase individual courses or subscribe to our newly developed e-Training libraries to address recurrent training, allowing their personnel to perform refresher training at their [...]

Airbus takes a “heads-up” approach to HUD retrofit

Duration: 00:02:09 | 1311 Views

An amusing video describes Airbus’ retrofit programme for the installation of dual cockpit-mounted head-up displays (HUDs) across its aircraft family product lines. The retrofit offer responds to [...]

Blue5: Reducing VOC emissions

Duration: 00:01:55 | 27 Views

Dealing with VOCs (volatile organic compounds) once they are produced can be difficult, time-consuming and expensive – which is why Airbus is concentrating on reducing their production at source. [...]

Airbus delivers its first U.S.-built aircraft to JetBlue

Duration: 00:02:00 | 2012 Views

JetBlue officially took delivery of the first A320 Family aircraft produced at the Airbus U.S. Manufacturing Facility in Mobile, Alabama on 25 April 2016. The milestone jetliner was an A321 – the [...]
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