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Flying the 6,000th A320 Family jetliner

Duration: 00:01:48 | 169 Views

Airbus reached a major milestone with delivery of its 6,000th A320 Family aircraft, a Sharklet-equipped A320 jetliner handed over to Air Arabia in March 2014. This video clip puts the spotlight on the [...]

The Dream: 3D Printing an Airplane

Duration: 00:00:22 | 716 Views

Airbus is actively exploring the many potential applications of 3D technology including on tooling, flying parts, spare parts and more. 

Concorde MSN1 “goes home” to Aeroscopia

Duration: 00:02:49 | 3375 Views

The Concorde supersonic airliner’s magnificent past and role in civil aviation history will be relived with permanent display of one of the first aircraft built in Toulouse, France – designated [...]

Inside look: Airbus’ Bremen facility

Duration: 00:04:54 | 817 Views

This video puts the spotlight on Airbus’ Bremen facility, the company’s second largest site in Germany – which handles activities that include flap production, wing equipping and A400M fuselage [...]

Airbus and more efficient air traffic management in Europe

Duration: 00:07:10 | 218 Views

Europe – with the participation and support of Airbus – is moving toward an air traffic management system that makes the movement of aircraft more reliable, environmentally friendly, [...]

The "making of..." Skymark Airlines' first A330

Duration: 00:03:27 | 2036 Views

This “making of…” video shows the final assembly of Skymark Airlines’ first A330-300, from arrival of the main airframe components to first flight from Toulouse, France.  Skymark Airlines [...]

A350 XWB testing: MSN2 and MSN4 take flight!

Duration: 00:03:52 | 9280 Views

The number of flying A350 XWB test aircraft doubled from two to four on 26 February 2014 with the simultaneous maiden flights of MSN2 and MSN4 - both of which were performed from Toulouse, France. [...]

The A350 XWB takes centre stage

Duration: 00:07:23 | 943 Views

All eyes were on the A350 XWB during its high-profile flight presentation at the 2014 Singapore Airshow. This video clip provides a multi-angle view of the headline-making display, along with a [...]

A350 XWB: Engine testing in Bolivia and Canada

Duration: 00:03:36 | 2046 Views

The A350 XWB test programme continues with two series of trials highlighted in this video clip. First, developmental aircraft MSN3 undergoes high-altitude testing at the Bolivian airfields of [...]

The A350 XWB says good bye to Singapore

Duration: 00:02:21 | 607 Views

Flight Test Engineer Patrick du Ché and Chief Test Pilot Peter Chandler reflect on the A350 XWB's headline-making participation at the 2014 Singapore Airshow – during which the jetliner was visited [...]
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