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Airspace by Airbus

Duration: 00:01:12 | 7226 Views

Launched in March 2016, the new “Airspace by Airbus” cabin brand connects passenger well-being with operational performance of airline customers, and encompasses four key dimensions: comfort, [...]

A380: Love at first flight

Duration: 00:00:15 | 293968 Views

Airbus is reinforcing the unrivalled passenger appeal of its 21st century flagship A380 with a new advertising campaign – called “Love A380.”

Reaching new horizons together: Airbus Asia Training Centre

Duration: 00:03:19 | 862 Views

The Airbus Asia Training Centre, located at Singapore’s Seletar Aerospace Park, offers pilot type rating and recurrent training courses for all in-production Airbus jetliner types. This video [...]

Airbus delivers its first U.S.-built aircraft to JetBlue

Duration: 00:02:00 | 363 Views

JetBlue officially took delivery of the first A320 Family aircraft produced at the Airbus U.S. Manufacturing Facility in Mobile, Alabama on 25 April 2016. The milestone jetliner was an A321 – the [...]

The Future by Airbus - Concept plane cabin

Duration: 00:03:42 | 364686 Views

Airbus invites the passengers of 2050 to discover its Concept Cabin - a whole new flying experience inspired by nature. Charles Champion, Airbus Executive Vice President Engineering, says: “Our [...]

A320 Saga Episode 1: The Genesis

Duration: 00:03:15 | 190858 Views

Having succeeded in entering the world’s air transport sector with its widebody A300 and A310, Airbus faced a new challenge in 1984 – expanding into the short- and medium-haul market, long [...]

The right aircraft, right now… and beyond: Airbus’ A330 Family

Duration: 00:01:00 | 5772 Views

This video highlights the benefits of Airbus modern, state-of-the-art A330 Family, which has become a preferred choice for more than 100 airlines around the world. Offering unrivalled low operating [...]

A unique look at the A340

Duration: 00:01:10 | 90344 Views

The A340 is the star of this stylized music video, which provides an up-close look at Airbus’ long-range, four-engine widebody aircraft that is the most modern in its segment flying today.

The new Airbus Asia Training Centre opens in Singapore

Duration: 00:01:57 | 239 Views

The opening of Airbus Asia Training Centre (AATC) – a joint venture owned 55% by Airbus and 45% by Singapore Airlines – brings type rating and recurrent training courses for all in-production [...]

Airbus ROPS: Landing within the runway length in all conditions

Duration: 00:04:16 | 4140 Views

Airbus’ patented Runway Overrun Prevention System (ROPS) – certified for the company’s A320, A330, A350 and A380 families of aircraft – increases pilots’ situational awareness during [...]
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