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Airbus in Germany

Duration: 00:05:54 | 4 views

The capabilities and diversity of Airbus’ four sites in Germany – Hamburg, Bremen, Stade and Buxtehude – are highlighted in this video clip. It focuses on the craftsmanship, expertise and [...]

A320neo takes to the skies with LEAP- 1A engines

Duration: 00:03:01 | 2354 views

The first A320neo equipped with CFM International LEAP-1A engines completed its maiden flight on 19 May 2015, with the aircraft taking off and landing in Toulouse, France. This video clip includes [...]

A350 XWB: route to first delivery

Duration: 00:03:49 | 442 views

Airbus’ next-generation A350 XWB had a busy year in 2014, culminating with handover of the no. 1 jetliner to launch customer Qatar Airways on 22 December. This video highlights the A350 XWB’s [...]

Fly Your Ideas 2015: finalist celebrations

Duration: 00:01:08 | 75 views

Enjoy the special moment when each of the final finalist teams for Airbus’ Fly Your Ideas student challenge learned they will be competing for the top prize. The five finalists are: Team MULTIFUN [...]

Airbus Cockpit Experience (ACE) Trainer

Duration: 00:02:24 | 566 views

The Airbus Cockpit Experience (ACE) Trainer is a mobile cockpit simulator that simulates the A350 XWB cockpit and its associated systems in an interactive and realistic environment. It enables a [...]

Love since first flight: Airbus’ A380

Duration: 00:03:32 | 1729 views

In the 10 years since its first flight, Airbus’ A380 has established itself as the best solution for airlines to meet 21st century growth by creating better, more efficient ways for airlines and [...]

The A380: 10 years at the forefront of air transportation

Duration: 00:04:31 | 335 views

Airbus’ 21st century flagship has “shared its love” with passenger and airlines alike in the 10 years since it performed its maiden flight in April 2005. The 21st century flagship highlights [...]

Airbus and India: A close working relationship

Duration: 00:05:07 | 267 views

During his state visit to France in April 2015, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi made a special visit to the Airbus factories in Toulouse – further underscoring the close working relationship [...]

Airbus Blue5: water "stop the drop" (Episode 2)

Duration: 00:01:52 | 1005 views

The second in a series of humorous videos with a serious message, highlighting key environmental issues and encouraging our employees to Make a Difference with Blue5. This short animation follows the [...]

Airbus BizLab: accelerating aerospace innovation

Duration: 00:04:03 | 2126 views

This video puts the spotlight on Airbus' BizLab network, which was created to speed up the transformation of ground-breaking ideas into valuable business propositions, all within an extended [...]

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