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The A380: The “right tool for Air France”

Duration: 00:02:08 | 1203 views

Air France Chief Executive Officer Pierre-Henri Gourgeon praises Airbus’ 21st century flagship jetliner, citing the aircraft’s stability, fuel-efficiency, ease of operation and low noise levels. [...]

Material Management: You fly, we supply

Duration: 00:03:30 | 5537 views

Airbus materializes its customers’ needs every day, ensuring reliable operations throughout the complete aircraft life cycle with a full portfolio of value-added services and tailored support [...]

A350 XWB: Breakthroughs in technology and ways of working

Duration: 00:01:41 | 5455 views

Airbus knew that its A350 XWB would be an innovative aircraft, and that the company needed an innovative way to build it. This video clip details how use of the latest technological innovations and [...]

ADOC: Your documentation management online solution

Duration: 00:02:42 | 4673 views

This video clip highlights the advantages of Airbus’ ADOC global and modular software suite for digital documentation management. Its complete range of solutions allows customers to efficiently [...]

Airbus SMS Toolkit

Duration: 00:03:15 | 3221 views

The Airbus solution for our customers Safety Management System in Flight Operations. A set of tools designed to enable constant operational monitoring leading to enhancement by collecting, [...]

The heart of Airbus’ industrial system

Duration: 00:02:42 | 1951 views

One of the strategic challenges for Airbus is to continuously imagine, develop and improve its manufacturing system. This video clip highlights how successful the standardization of principles, [...]

ProtoSpace: Where ideas take shape

Duration: 00:02:29 | 1938 views

Airbus’ ProtoSpace provides the necessary environment, means and tools to develop disruptive concepts and bring about concrete innovation. One such disruptive concept – highlighted in this video [...]

The Dream: 3D Printing an Airplane

Duration: 00:00:22 | 3771 views

Airbus is actively exploring the many potential applications of 3D technology including on tooling, flying parts, spare parts and more. 

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