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First A350 XWB takes off for maiden flight

Duration: 00:02:17 | 13257 views

A new chapter has opened in Airbus’ 43 year history as the first A350 XWB, the world’s most efficient large twin-engined commercial aircraft, powered aloft this morning for its maiden flight at [...]

The first A350 XWB takes off

Duration: 00:05:45 | 10031 views

After boarding, the A350 XWB first flight crew gets into their individual positions and commences the milestone maiden voyage with a takeoff from Runway 32L at Toulouse-Blagnac Airport. 

A320neo takes to the skies with LEAP- 1A engines

Duration: 00:03:01 | 7225 views

The first A320neo equipped with CFM International LEAP-1A engines completed its maiden flight on 19 May 2015, with the aircraft taking off and landing in Toulouse, France. This video clip includes [...]

Le Bourget 2011 - Airbus flash mob takes the Paris Air Show by storm

Duration: 00:03:52 | 14991 views

Airbus’ recruiting campaign for new, young talent took on a whole new dimension today as more than 180 current employees performed the first-ever flash mob at the Paris Air Show. Gathering in front [...]

The A380 performs well during engine tests

Duration: 00:02:56 | 9982 views

An A380’s engine must be able to withstand collisions with birds or other foreign objects. To determine this capability, a fan blade-off test is performed with the aircraft, during which a blade is [...]

A380 from dream to reality: tests and certification

Duration: 00:02:55 | 28132 views

The A380 earned type certification on 12 December 2006 after performing 820 flights and accumulating some 2,700 flight test hours. Watch highlights of the many evaluations this next-generation [...]

First flight of Singapore Airlines A380

Duration: 00:02:18 | 10465 views

This video provides a spectator’s view of the first flight of Singapore Airlines’ initial A380, from ground crews closing up the engines to taxi operations, take-off and landing.

A350 XWB first flight: Briefing and boarding

Duration: 00:04:16 | 4609 views

Countdown to the A350 XWB’s history-making first flight nears completion in this video clip, which shows the crew during their final coordination and preparation steps. 

A380 from dream to reality: first flight

Duration: 00:02:17 | 38939 views

Go inside the cockpit of Airbus’ 21st century flagship jetliner during its historic maiden flight from Toulouse, France on 27 April 2005. Observe the activities of the six-man crew and listen to [...]

The A400M performs maiden flight

Duration: 00:03:19 | 3408 views

These highlights of the A400M military airlifter’s successful first flight from Seville, Spain on 11 December 2009 include crew preparations, take-off and landing, in-flight footage, as well as [...]

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