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First A350 XWB takes off for maiden flight

Duration: 00:02:17 | 13204 views

A new chapter has opened in Airbus’ 43 year history as the first A350 XWB, the world’s most efficient large twin-engined commercial aircraft, powered aloft this morning for its maiden flight at [...]

The first A350 XWB takes off

Duration: 00:05:45 | 9917 views

After boarding, the A350 XWB first flight crew gets into their individual positions and commences the milestone maiden voyage with a takeoff from Runway 32L at Toulouse-Blagnac Airport. 

A320neo takes to the skies with LEAP- 1A engines

Duration: 00:03:01 | 6765 views

The first A320neo equipped with CFM International LEAP-1A engines completed its maiden flight on 19 May 2015, with the aircraft taking off and landing in Toulouse, France. This video clip includes [...]

Le Bourget 2011 - Airbus flash mob takes the Paris Air Show by storm

Duration: 00:03:52 | 14959 views

Airbus’ recruiting campaign for new, young talent took on a whole new dimension today as more than 180 current employees performed the first-ever flash mob at the Paris Air Show. Gathering in front [...]

The A380 performs well during engine tests

Duration: 00:02:56 | 9810 views

An A380’s engine must be able to withstand collisions with birds or other foreign objects. To determine this capability, a fan blade-off test is performed with the aircraft, during which a blade is [...]

A380 from dream to reality: tests and certification

Duration: 00:02:55 | 28047 views

The A380 earned type certification on 12 December 2006 after performing 820 flights and accumulating some 2,700 flight test hours. Watch highlights of the many evaluations this next-generation [...]

First flight of Singapore Airlines A380

Duration: 00:02:18 | 10344 views

This video provides a spectator’s view of the first flight of Singapore Airlines’ initial A380, from ground crews closing up the engines to taxi operations, take-off and landing.

A350 XWB first flight: Briefing and boarding

Duration: 00:04:16 | 4566 views

Countdown to the A350 XWB’s history-making first flight nears completion in this video clip, which shows the crew during their final coordination and preparation steps. 

A380 from dream to reality: first flight

Duration: 00:02:17 | 38792 views

Go inside the cockpit of Airbus’ 21st century flagship jetliner during its historic maiden flight from Toulouse, France on 27 April 2005. Observe the activities of the six-man crew and listen to [...]

Keeping Airbus’ pioneering spirit alive

Duration: 00:02:54 | 3383 views

Some of Airbus’ early leaders are in attendance at the 2009 Paris Air Show, where the company highlighted 40 years of innovation. Gunter Scherer discusses his role during the A300’s historic first [...]

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