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First A380 delivery to Qantas: Press Conference

Duration: 00:02:47 | 3273 views

Highlights from the 19 September 2008 press conference marking the delivery of the first A380 to Qantas Airlines include comments from Airbus President and Chief Executive Officer Tom Enders, Qantas [...]

First A380 delivered to Qantas heads home to Sydney

Duration: 00:02:20 | 11271 views

After a spectacular evening delivery ceremony in Toulouse, France, the first Qantas A380 takes off for the airline’s hub in Sydney, Australia on 19 September 2008. Qantas becomes the third airline [...]

Ceremony marks first A380 delivery to Qantas

Duration: 00:03:02 | 307 views

Airbus President and Chief Executive Officer Tom Enders, Rolls Royce Chairman Simon Robertson and Qantas Chief Executive Officer Geoff Dixon provide comments during the 19 September 2008 delivery [...]

A dazzling A380 delivery ceremony for Qantas

Duration: 00:03:50 | 15372 views

Australia’s Qantas becomes the world's third airline to receive the A380 when its no. 1 aircraft is accepted during a 19 September 2008 evening ceremony at Airbus' delivery centre in Toulouse, [...]

Flying Qantas’ very first A380

Duration: 00:02:29 | 3056 views

After a 19 September 2008 delivery ceremony in Toulouse, France, Qantas’ first A380 takes off for the airline’s Sydney, Australia hub. Go inside this aircraft’s spacious 450-seat cabin and [...]

Qantas’ maturity and testing team evaluates the A380

Duration: 00:02:14 | 916 views

The A380 visits Sydney, Australia in December 2007 for a week of maturity and operability testing by Qantas. During these trials, ground handling and support equipment is evaluated and key elements of [...]

Learning how to fly the world’s largest passenger jetliner

Duration: 00:01:59 | 768 views

Murray Crockett was the first Qantas pilot to complete the A330 transition course for the A380 and to fly Airbus’ 21st century flagship jetliner. During this 2006 interview, he explains his role as [...]

Airbus reaches the 5,000-delivery milestone

Duration: 00:03:07 | 649 views

Airbus delivered its 5,000th aircraft – an A330-200 – to Qantas on 14 December 2007. This video clip highlights the milestone jetliner’s delivery ceremony, and includes remarks from Airbus [...]

The Airbus A380: New generation, new experience

Duration: 00:04:47 | 137980 views

Airbus’ A380 has earned its place as the airline industry’s new “queen of the skies,” with the first five years of operational service confirming this 21st century flagship jetliner’s [...]

The Airbus A380: in-service worldwide

Duration: 00:03:20 | 23509 views

Thanks to its unmatched passenger appeal and revenue-generating capabilities, Airbus’ A380 has earned its place as the new “queen of the skies.” As of January 2015, A380 jetliners are being [...]

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