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A350 XWB “immersion theater” presentation

Duration: 00:03:38 | 72782 views

A representative A350 XWB forward fuselage section – which serves as a high-resolution "immersion theatre" for a video presentation on Airbus' newest jetliner – is the main attraction of [...]

Dubai Airshow Day 4: Fly with the A400M’s daily presentation

Duration: 00:02:36 | 4275 views

The Dubai Airshow’s “Best of” video for Day 4 goes airborne with Airbus Military’s A400M, giving “ride-along” views into the cockpit and from this multi-role airlifter during its [...]

A350 XWB at the 2014 Singapore Airshow: flight presentation

Duration: 00:01:41 | 775 views

The A350 XWB’s daily flight presentation at the 2014 Singapore Airshow is highlighted in this video, which includes views from the cockpit as Airbus' flight crew puts the airliner throughout its [...]

FIDAE 2012 - A380 flight presentation

Duration: 00:01:50 | 3472 views

The A380’s excellent handling qualities, maneuverability and performance are highlighted in this video of the aircraft’ flight presentation during the second day of Chile's 2012 FIDAE air show.

Singapore Airshow 2010: Global Market Forecast presentation

Duration: 00:02:09 | 1287 views

During Airbus’ Singapore Airshow press conference, Chief Operating Officer – Customers John Leahy provides highlights of the company’s Global Market Forecast for 2009-2028 – with a special [...]

A history of European military aircraft: 1925-present

Duration: 00:03:43 | 734 views

Watch the evolution of European military aircraft over the decades, from the Fokker F-VII in 1925 to a pair of current Airbus Military products – the C-295 multi-role tactical transport and all-new [...]

Airbus’ Beluga: past, present and future

Duration: 00:08:05 | 731 views

Twenty years after its maiden flight, the Beluga continues to play an invaluable role in Airbus’ production activities – with no end in sight. This video traces the innovative airlifter’s [...]

Farnborough 2012 - Malaysia Airlines A380 takes flight

Duration: 00:02:58 | 6455 views

The second A380 for Malaysia Airlines took centre stage during its flight presentation at the 2012 Farnborough International Airshow, which demonstrated the double-deck jetliner’s excellent handling [...]

ILA Berlin 2012 - Sharklets take to the sky

Duration: 00:02:43 | 1263 views

Airbus Test Pilot Christophe Cail takes viewers along for the ride during a flight presentation with a Sharklet-equipped A320 jetliner, providing step-by-step commentary during this aircraft’s [...]

Airbus’ high-tech exhibit at the 2008 Farnborough Airshow

Duration: 00:01:51 | 1199 views

Colin Evans from the Airbus Marketing department provides an overview of the company’s innovative stand at the 2008 Farnborough Airshow. Highlights of this exhibit include cutaway models of the [...]

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