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Future by Airbus: Airbus unveils its 2050 vision for "Smarter Skies"

Duration: 00:02:18 | 33390 views

Airbus’ “Smarter Skies” vision – which was unveiled during September 2012 – consists of five concepts that could be implemented in all phases of an aircraft’s operation to reduce waste in [...]

A350 XWB route proving: Europe-Canada via the North Pole and back

Duration: 00:03:38 | 358 views

The first phase of A350 XWB route-proving flights took Airbus’ newest jetliner from Toulouse, France over the North Pole to Iqaluit Airport in the Canadian territory of Nunavut.  On its return [...]

A380 from dream to reality: the launch

Duration: 00:01:59 | 98069 views

Airbus worked extensively with customers, airports and aviation authorities during the development phase of its large aircraft/A3XX programme. Philippe Jarry, the A3XX Vice President, Market [...]

The life of an Airbus flight test engineer

Duration: 00:01:58 | 4701 views

Flight test engineers play an important role in the development of new Airbus aircraft. One of these professionals explains her duties, which include planning an aircraft’s flight test phase, [...]

Supporting Airbus’ initial aircraft into the 21st century

Duration: 00:01:53 | 2898 views

A300/A310 Programme Director Doug Carlile discusses Airbus’ commitment to providing continuous, long-term support for A300/A310 customers and operators after the aircraft’s production phase-out in [...]

Roewe: “The NEO is real”

Duration: 00:02:23 | 693 views

Klaus Roewe, Airbus’ Senior Vice President A320neo (new engine option) Programme, provides an update on Airbus’ NEO programme, which remains on schedule and has progressed through detailed design [...]

35 years of success for Airbus’ first aircraft

Duration: 00:10:33 | 962 views

In 2006, Airbus began progressively phasing out the A300/A310 final assembly after more than 35 years of successful marketing and production of the jetliners. This 10-minute video revisits the [...]

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