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Gabriel Quadri: Operating the A350 XWB “like an airline”

Duration: 00:02:00 | 926 views

Head of Flight Test Gabriel Quadri, has been working on test flights since the Airbus A310 programme. He manages the A350 XWB’s busy 22.5 hour-per-day operations schedule with three priorities: keep [...]

AIRTAC: state-of-the-art service for Airbus operators

Duration: 00:04:08 | 2069 views

Inaugurated in 2005, the AIRTAC (Airbus Technical Aircraft-on-ground Centre) support facility in Toulouse, France uses innovative, high-tech solutions to keep Airbus fleets around the world flying [...]

A350 XWB: a focus on flight test operations

Duration: 00:02:47 | 808 views

The role of Airbus' flight test operations team members is highlighted in this video clip, in context of the A350 XWB's high-altitude testing in Bolivia and cold weather evaluations conducted at [...]

A330-200F operations: sharing customers' experience

Duration: 00:07:08 | 14645 views

Since entering service in 2010, the A330-200F has demonstrated its attractiveness as an efficient, reliable and profitable freighter that offers better payload, range and economics than [...]

A new operator for Airbus’ A330 Family of jetliners

Duration: 00:02:02 | 3006 views

On 8 February 2011, South African Airways received its initial A330-200 Family aircraft on lease from Aircastle Limited – which is to be deployed on long-haul routes from the airline’s bases in [...]

ILA Berlin 2012 - AirAsia will be the first airline to operate an A320 with Sharklets

Duration: 00:02:52 | 2489 views

At the 2012 ILA Berlin Air Show, AirAsia was identified as the first airline that will operate an A320 with Airbus’ fuel-saving and performance-enhancing “Sharklets” wing-tip devices, taking [...]

Eye on the future: Enhancing ground operations

Duration: 00:03:03 | 325 views

In this video clip, test pilot Jean-Michel Roy details a number of Airbus initiatives and systems to improve ground operations, with an emphasis on the A380 – which has to deal with factors such as [...]

High-tech monitoring of the A380’s operations

Duration: 00:02:25 | 561 views

Philippe Muhn, Vice President of Customer Services for the A380 programme, explains the enhanced support provided to operators of Airbus’ next-generation jetliner.  A380s are equipped to send [...]

A380 undergoes operational tests in Frankfurt

Duration: 00:01:40 | 680 views

Frankfurt Airport Deputy Chief Executive Officer Stefan Schulte discusses the variety of evaluations performed with the A380 at the German airfield in March 2007 as part of its route proving campaign. [...]

Airbus Global Market Forecast overview by John Leahy, Chief Operating Officer – Customers

Duration: 00:03:03 | 7927 views

John Leahy, Chief Operating Officer – Customers, discusses Airbus’ latest Global Market Forecast, which predicts air transport market growth during the 2012-2031 timeframe that is expected to [...]

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