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Airbus maintenance specialized training

Duration: 00:02:18 | 2347 views

Airbus maintenance training provides a variety of specialized courses and e-Learning solutions for line and base maintenance staff covering such topics as: Electrical Wiring Interconnection Systems [...]

Optimised aircraft maintenance with AIRMANweb

Duration: 00:03:32 | 5076 views

AIRMAN (AIRcraft Maintenance ANalysis) is an intelligent application developed by Airbus to optimise the maintenance of aircraft. This video clips demonstrates how the software provides early [...]

A day in the life of an A380 maintenance team member

Duration: 00:00:51 | 1561 views

Follow the activities of A380 maintenance team member Sandrine Couillard during the jetliner’s visit to Tokyo’s Narita Airport on 20 November 2006. Airbus’ 21st century flagship jetliner is in [...]

ACT - Airbus Competence Training for Maintenance personnel

Duration: 00:02:50 | 960 views

ACT - Airbus Competence Training is Airbus’ innovative “learning-by-doing” concept for Type Rating and non-certified engineers. ACT is completely interactive, using a simulated aircraft and [...]

Introducing AirPl@n from Airbus

Duration: 00:02:44 | 1517 views

As part of the scheduled maintenance process, AirPl@n offers a customised suite of services to optimise its customers’ operations through Airbus proven expertise – reducing aircraft maintenance [...]

Enjoy your Flight Hour Services

Duration: 00:01:59 | 5429 views

In an increasingly competitive environment, customers require cost-effective maintenance outsourcing options aimed at securing aircraft technical performance with minimal risk and investment. Airbus [...]

FlySmart with Airbus

Duration: 00:02:58 | 3363 views

FlySmart with Airbus offers e-solutions for increased savings and improved aircraft operations. This set of hardware and software used onboard Airbus aircraft optimises airline operations through [...]

ADOC: Your documentation management online solution

Duration: 00:02:42 | 3355 views

This video clip highlights the advantages of Airbus’ ADOC global and modular software suite for digital documentation management. Its complete range of solutions allows customers to efficiently [...]

The A380: Delivering on its promises

Duration: 00:02:02 | 1649 views

Julien Manhes, Airbus Manager of Product Marketing for the A380, describes the positive feedback received from Emirates, Qantas and Singapore Airlines – the three carriers operating the 21st century [...]

Gabriel Quadri: Operating the A350 XWB “like an airline”

Duration: 00:02:00 | 1226 views

Head of Flight Test Gabriel Quadri, has been working on test flights since the Airbus A310 programme. He manages the A350 XWB’s busy 22.5 hour-per-day operations schedule with three priorities: keep [...]

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