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A380: Love at first flight

Duration: 00:00:15 | 298305 views

Airbus is reinforcing the unrivalled passenger appeal of its 21st century flagship A380 with a new advertising campaign – called “Love A380.”

Painting the A380 "love at first flight"

Duration: 00:02:35 | 66532 views

Airbus’ A380 demonstrator aircraft receives the specially-designed “Love at First Flight” graphic in preparation for its participation in the 2011 Paris Air Show, where the jetliner’s [...]

Love since first flight: Airbus’ A380

Duration: 00:03:32 | 4366 views

In the 10 years since its first flight, Airbus’ A380 has established itself as the best solution for airlines to meet 21st century growth by creating better, more efficient ways for airlines and [...]

Le Bourget 2011 - Airbus A380: welcome back on stage

Duration: 00:02:28 | 7082 views

The A380 test aircraft MSN4 landed back in Paris Le Bourget at 09:37 AM local time, showing its striking new “love at first flight” heart logo. The aircraft first arrived at Le Bourget on Sunday, [...]

A decades-long partnership with Philippine Airlines

Duration: 00:02:06 | 2802 views

Airbus highlights its longstanding relationship with Philippine Airlines, which began operating the A300B4 – dubbed the “Love Bus” – in 1979.

2012 FIDAE pre-show highlights

Duration: 00:02:28 | 979 views

Activity prior to the 2012 FIDAE International Air and Space Show’s official opening in Chile is highlighted with this preview video, which includes the Airbus Military A400M’s arrival at [...]

The Airbus A380: New generation, new experience

Duration: 00:04:47 | 136735 views

Airbus’ A380 has earned its place as the airline industry’s new “queen of the skies,” with the first five years of operational service confirming this 21st century flagship jetliner’s [...]

“Best of” video from the 2012 FIDAE air show

Duration: 00:03:14 | 11693 views

Airbus brought its “Love at first flight” theme to the 2012 FIDAE air show in Chile with the A380’s participation at this largest aviation gathering in Latin America, and an appearance of the [...]

The A380: 10 years at the forefront of air transportation

Duration: 00:04:31 | 678 views

Airbus’ 21st century flagship has “shared its love” with passenger and airlines alike in the 10 years since it performed its maiden flight in April 2005. The 21st century flagship highlights [...]

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