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Airbus: Leading the way in environmental performance

Duration: 00:02:14 | 385 views

This interview with Charles Champion, Airbus’ Executive Vice President of Engineering, highlights the proactive role of Airbus in reducing the environmental footprint of its jetliners – including [...]

Airbus’ groundbreaking fly-by-wire technology

Duration: 00:03:02 | 3027 views

Fly-by-wire controls pioneered by Airbus – which bring improved handling, enhanced safety and operational commonality to its range of aircraft products – are now the standard in the airline [...]

Driving innovation: The A350 XWB

Duration: 00:02:56 | 2737 views

The innovative new technologies and processes used on Airbus’ next-generation A350 XWB jetliner are highlighted in this video by some of the programme’s manufacturing and engineering experts.

Innovation at Airbus: Making airport buildings “stealthy”

Duration: 00:04:26 | 595 views

The Airbus Group’s innovative “stealthy” building panel technology opens up new area for construction near airport runways by significantly reducing interference with safety-critical signals [...]

A350 XWB: Breakthroughs in technology and ways of working

Duration: 00:01:41 | 4088 views

Airbus knew that its A350 XWB would be an innovative aircraft, and that the company needed an innovative way to build it. This video clip details how use of the latest technological innovations and [...]

The inside view of innovation: Fly-by-wire

Duration: 00:03:10 | 2154 views

A key element of Airbus’ continued innovation is its investment in and use of fly-by-wire technology – which improves flight controls and maintenance, and reduces overall weight. The benefits of [...]

Airbus 3D Printing technology transformation underway

Duration: 00:04:59 | 588 views

Airbus is at the start of an innovation revolution using 3D printing technology. 3D plastic parts are already flying on a commercial A310 and an A350 XWB test aircraft. Metal parts for wing slats, a [...]

Innovation at Airbus: 3D printing

Duration: 00:01:31 | 373 views

Airbus is exploring applications of additive layer manufacturing – or 3D printing – in its jetliner product line to take advantage of this innovative production method which results in parts that [...]

New technologies for a new generation of aircraft

Duration: 00:01:31 | 764 views

Airbus’ commonality concept works hand-in-hand with the introduction of new aircraft technologies. During this clip, Lufthansa chief pilot Jurgen Raps describes feeling “familiar” with the A380 [...]

Innovation at Airbus: Fab Labs

Duration: 00:03:41 | 2714 views

A global network of 200 Fab Labs – or fabrication laboratories – equipped with manufacturing equipment, is encouraging people from all walks of life to put their creativity to the test and produce [...]

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