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The Future by Airbus - What future for air transport?

Duration: 00:02:49 | 282355 views

Because air transport takes up less ground area and fewer building materials, it's only logical we shoud use the sky's unlimited space, and leave the ground for farming and preserving biodiversity. [...]

Berlin Light Show – the Future by Airbus

Duration: 00:03:52 | 15352 views

Airbus set out its vision for Smarter Skies in a spectacular light show in Berlin. It looks at a future with more flights, fewer emissions and quicker passenger journey times. This was the latest [...]

The Future by Airbus: Charles Champion interview

Duration: 00:04:26 | 6879 views

Airbus’ Executive Vice President of Engineering Charles Champion highlights findings of a two-year global survey to assess what passengers want from flying in the future. Results underscore a [...]

The Future by Airbus - New cabin vision

Duration: 00:02:39 | 406977 views

Passenger comfort has increased since the 1960s and Airbus promises to make future aircraft cabins even more ecological. New materials will get many other properties that might transform travel into a [...]

The Future by Airbus - Diversity

Duration: 00:03:09 | 97968 views

In the future, there will be so many ways to travel… Flying hotels equipped with casinos and restaurants? What about hotels with unrivaled views of Earth? The possibilities are endless, and Airbus [...]

Designing smart aircraft concepts for the future

Duration: 00:02:00 | 19701 views

NACRE is a joint European effort in which Airbus manages some 36 industrial, research and university partners that work on new aircraft concepts. Project leader Joao Frota discusses this initiative, [...]

Future of flight: the Airbus vision

Duration: 00:09:33 | 19024 views

The Airbus Concept Plane illustrates what air transport could look like 20-40 years from now if improvements in aircraft materials, aerodynamics, cabins and engines continue apace.  This video [...]

NACRE explores the future of aircraft

Duration: 00:01:48 | 11156 views

New Aircraft Concept Research (NACRE) is a joint European scientific and research collaboration launched in April 2005. As part of its aim to design better aircraft for the future, NACRE developed two [...]

Future by Airbus - Interviews on Air Traffic Management improvements

Duration: 00:03:30 | 10119 views

In the years to come, Airbus not only must improve the performance of its aircraft, the company also needs to make sure these jetliners will be able to fly seamlessly and efficiently in more dense [...]

Calling all future pilots

Duration: 00:00:53 | 1230 views

Airbus offers the “future pilot” merchandise collection at the Let’s shop Airbus store. As the company envisions the aircraft of tomorrow, a generation of aspiring pilots imagine themselves with [...]

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