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Charting the course for sustainable aviation fuel development

Duration: 00:02:39 | 1256 views

Ross Walker, part of Airbus’ Fuel System/Fuel Tank Safety team, details recent developments in Airbus’ sustainable aviation fuels research programme, which is a core tenet of the company’s [...]

Airbus A380: The most fuel-efficient widebody

Duration: 00:00:57 | 24839 views

The A380 provides the lowest fuel consumption per seat, allowing operators of this 21st century Airbus flagship to substantially reduce CO2 emissions while achieving profitable, sustainable growth [...]

Sharklet retrofit: Benefit from increased fuel-efficiency

Duration: 00:01:41 | 5385 views

As a result of the popularity of Airbus’ fuel-saving Sharklet wingtip devices – which are an option on new-build A320ceo (current engine option) Family jetliners and standard for NEO (new engine [...]

Farnborough 2012 – Hunting down fuel burn with Sharklets

Duration: 00:01:08 | 2681 views

Bob Lange, Airbus’ Head of Marketing, underscores the significant benefits of Sharklet wingtip devices – which improve the A320 jetliner’s fuel burn by 3.5 per cent. This video clip also [...]

A milestone flight for sustainable fuel development

Duration: 00:01:16 | 1150 views

The world's first commercial passenger flight powered by fuel made from natural gas lands in Doha, Qatar from London on 12 October 2009. An A340-600 operated by Qatar Airways completes this long-range [...]

Leading the way: Airbus and sustainable fuels

Duration: 00:01:36 | 394 views

Airbus believes that sustainable fuels have a significant role to play in reducing aviation’s environmental footprint. In this video clip, Airbus New Energies Programme Manager Frédéric Eychenne [...]

ILA Berlin 2012: Sustainable fuels strategy

Duration: 00:02:28 | 860 views

In this video clip, New Energy Program Manager Frédéric Eychenne highlights the Airbus strategy to speed up aviation sustainable fuel commercialization – which will provide significant [...]

Sharklets cutting into Airbus A320 fuel burn

Duration: 00:00:19 | 13915 views

Sharklets, specially designed for the Airbus A320 Family, will reduce fuel burn by up to 3.5 percent, giving an annual CO2 reduction of around 700 tonnes per aircraft. This is equivalent to the CO2 [...]

Exploring fuel cells as an emission-free energy source

Duration: 00:02:37 | 9099 views

Airbus supports research to evaluate the potential use and environmental benefits of fuel cell technology in civil aviation.  The research includes successful tests using the emission-free power [...]

The A320neo Family: Unbeatable fuel efficiency

Duration: 00:01:21 | 589 views

The future of single-aisle aircraft is taking flight with Airbus’ A320neo (new engine option) family, which is creating better, more efficient ways for airlines and passengers to fly. This [...]

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