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Meet the crew of the A380’s first flight

Duration: 00:04:23 | 3651 views

Images and bios introduce viewers to the six-man crew behind the A380’s controls during its 27 April 2005 maiden flight. Airbus’ 21st century jetliner was jointly captained by Claude Lelaie, [...]

Crew prepares for the A400M first flight

Duration: 00:03:01 | 2927 views

Before the maiden flight of Airbus Military’s A400M on 11 December 2009, members of the flight test crew explains their specific role during the event. Among those featured are Chief Military Test [...]

First A350 XWB takes off for maiden flight

Duration: 00:02:17 | 11668 views

A new chapter has opened in Airbus’ 43 year history as the first A350 XWB, the world’s most efficient large twin-engined commercial aircraft, powered aloft this morning for its maiden flight at [...]

The A400M flight test campaign

Duration: 00:03:45 | 1707 views

During an October 2009 interview, Airbus Head of Flight and Integration Test Centre Fernando Alonso outlines the A400M’s flight test campaign, which will involve a fleet of five development aircraft [...]

Airbus' A350 XWB flight test campaign

Duration: 00:02:44 | 2864 views

This video highlights the milestones in Airbus’ A350 XWB flight test and certification programme from the maiden flights of the first four developmental jetliners to high altitude evaluations in [...]

A330-200F in flight

Duration: 00:02:43 | 5706 views

This video captures the A330-200F in-flight during its 4-hour maiden airborne evaluation from Toulouse, France on 5 November 2009. The flight begins a 180 hour flight-test and certification campaign [...]

Maiden flight of the Air France A380

Duration: 00:00:57 | 4862 views

On 12 February 2009, Air France’s first A380 successfully completes a four-hour inaugural test flight from Airbus’ Toulouse, France manufacturing site. The aircraft is powered by Engine Alliance [...]

A350 XWB Flight Engineer Patrick du Ché

Duration: 00:01:36 | 4022 views

Head of Development Flight Tests Patrick du Ché prefers his “office” in the sky – where he will join Airbus’ six-member crew for the A350 XWB’s milestone first flight. 

A350 XWB Flight Test Engineer Fernando Alonso

Duration: 00:02:59 | 3032 views

A350 XWB first-flight crew member Fernando Alonso joined Airbus in 1982 and is now the Head of Airbus Flight & Integration Test Centre.

A350 XWB first flight anniversary and test/certification update

Duration: 00:03:11 | 2988 views

The “power of Airbus people” in bringing the A350 XWB programme to flight is discussed by Patrick du Ché, the Head of Development Flight Test, who recalls the next-generation jetliner’s maiden [...]

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