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Airbus Global Market Forecast overview by John Leahy, Chief Operating Officer – Customers

Duration: 00:03:03 | 7993 views

John Leahy, Chief Operating Officer – Customers, discusses Airbus’ latest Global Market Forecast, which predicts air transport market growth during the 2012-2031 timeframe that is expected to [...]

Highlights of the 2011 annual press conference: John Leahy, Airbus Chief Operating Officer - Customers

Duration: 00:03:29 | 3111 views

In this video clip, Chief Operating Officer – Customers John Leahy reviews Airbus’ industry-leading performance in 2010, during which the company delivered a total of 510 jetliners and received [...]

A330-200F operations: sharing customers' experience

Duration: 00:07:08 | 16359 views

Since entering service in 2010, the A330-200F has demonstrated its attractiveness as an efficient, reliable and profitable freighter that offers better payload, range and economics than [...]

Airbus introduces Sharklets on A320 Family

Duration: 00:03:19 | 37254 views

During the 2009 Dubai Airshow, Airbus Chief Operating Officer-Customers John Leahy announces new "Sharklet" large wingtip devices, which are specially designed to enhance the eco-efficiency [...]

A350 XWB launch press conference: John Leahy & Tom Williams

Duration: 00:04:45 | 5633 views

Airbus Chief Operating Officer-Customers John Leahy and Tom Williams, Airbus Executive Vice President, Programmes, speak during the press conference announcing the formal launch of the new A350 XWB [...]

The life of an Airbus flight test engineer

Duration: 00:01:58 | 5021 views

Flight test engineers play an important role in the development of new Airbus aircraft. One of these professionals explains her duties, which include planning an aircraft’s flight test phase, [...]

ADOC: Your documentation management online solution

Duration: 00:02:42 | 3452 views

This video clip highlights the advantages of Airbus’ ADOC global and modular software suite for digital documentation management. Its complete range of solutions allows customers to efficiently [...]

Material Management: You fly, we supply

Duration: 00:03:30 | 3202 views

Airbus materializes its customers’ needs every day, ensuring reliable operations throughout the complete aircraft life cycle with a full portfolio of value-added services and tailored support [...]

New airline Libyan Wings chooses Airbus aircraft

Duration: 00:02:10 | 764 views

Libyan Wings’ selection of the next-generation A350 XWB and A320neo to build up its future operations was announced at the Dubai Airshow, along with its plan to begin service next year with the [...]

A sweet solution: Bee honey helps Airbus think green

Duration: 00:03:59 | 407 views

Airbus has enlisted bees to “monitor” its environmental performance with hives in two locations near the company’s Hamburg, Germany facilities. Airbus collects the bees' honey, which can provide [...]

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