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Airbus customer services: Turnkey solution

Duration: 00:03:43 | 5406 views

Airbus is at the service of its customers 24/7, with a goal to help them operate their Airbus fleets safely and profitably, while satisfying passengers. This video highlights the wide range of [...]

A350 XWB launch customer praises the aircraft

Duration: 00:01:02 | 17016 views

During the January 2009 groundbreaking ceremony for Airbus’ A350 XWB final assembly line in Toulouse, France, Management Advisor for Qatar Airways Stephen Vella describes the “fundamental [...]

The A350 XWB visits Doha, home to launch customer Qatar Airways

Duration: 00:03:06 | 2412 views

Airbus brought its A350 XWB to Doha, Qatar in February for the next-generation jetliner’s first ever presentation to an airline – Qatar Airways, which is the launch customer.  In addition to an [...]

Airbus Global Market Forecast overview by John Leahy, Chief Operating Officer – Customers

Duration: 00:03:03 | 8184 views

John Leahy, Chief Operating Officer – Customers, discusses Airbus’ latest Global Market Forecast, which predicts air transport market growth during the 2012-2031 timeframe that is expected to [...]

Highlights of the 2011 annual press conference: John Leahy, Airbus Chief Operating Officer - Customers

Duration: 00:03:29 | 3159 views

In this video clip, Chief Operating Officer – Customers John Leahy reviews Airbus’ industry-leading performance in 2010, during which the company delivered a total of 510 jetliners and received [...]

Airbus adds new Asia-Pacific operator to its A380 customer list

Duration: 00:01:29 | 7878 views

Skymark Airlines became the first Japanese carrier to acquire the A380 with its confirmation of an order for four aircraft, signed on 17 February 2011 at Airbus headquarters in Toulouse, France.  [...]

MAKS 2011 - Highlights of the show by Chris Buckley, Airbus EVP Customer Affairs

Duration: 00:02:32 | 1067 views

In this video clip, Christopher Buckley, Executive Vice President Customer Affairs, highlights Airbus’ presence at the MAKS 2011 International Aviation & Space Salon in Russia – which includes [...]

A330-200F operations: sharing customers' experience

Duration: 00:07:08 | 17765 views

Since entering service in 2010, the A330-200F has demonstrated its attractiveness as an efficient, reliable and profitable freighter that offers better payload, range and economics than [...]

Customer pilots experience the A350 XWB

Duration: 00:02:35 | 4122 views

In this video clip, pilots from Qatar Airways and Singapore Airlines experience Airbus' A350 XWB from behind the controls – and give the next-generation widebody jetliner high marks.

Launch customer Air New Zealand receives initial Sharklet-equipped A320

Duration: 00:01:15 | 1452 views

During a ceremony at the 2013 Paris Air Show, Air New Zealand received its first A320 jetliner outfitted with fuel-saving Sharklet wingtip devices – which are an option on new-build A320 Family [...]

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