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The Future by Airbus - Concept plane cabin

Duration: 00:03:42 | 369342 views

Airbus invites the passengers of 2050 to discover its Concept Cabin - a whole new flying experience inspired by nature. Charles Champion, Airbus Executive Vice President Engineering, says: “Our [...]

Designing smart aircraft concepts for the future

Duration: 00:02:00 | 19709 views

NACRE is a joint European effort in which Airbus manages some 36 industrial, research and university partners that work on new aircraft concepts. Project leader Joao Frota discusses this initiative, [...]

Exploring eco-efficient aircraft concepts for the future

Duration: 00:03:17 | 10302 views

Airbus is constantly investigating new concepts and technologies that can further reduce aircraft fuel consumption and noise levels. Some of these advances are outlined in this video – from better [...]

NACRE explores the future of aircraft

Duration: 00:01:48 | 11159 views

New Aircraft Concept Research (NACRE) is a joint European scientific and research collaboration launched in April 2005. As part of its aim to design better aircraft for the future, NACRE developed two [...]

Future of flight: the Airbus vision

Duration: 00:09:33 | 19028 views

The Airbus Concept Plane illustrates what air transport could look like 20-40 years from now if improvements in aircraft materials, aerodynamics, cabins and engines continue apace.  This video [...]

A glimpse of air transport’s future

Duration: 00:02:07 | 6003 views

Charles Champion, Executive Vice President Engineering and Patron of the 2011 Fly Your Ideas student challenge, describes key features of the Airbus Concept Plane unveiled at the 2010 Farnborough [...]

Future by Airbus: Airbus unveils its 2050 vision for "Smarter Skies"

Duration: 00:02:18 | 43566 views

Airbus’ “Smarter Skies” vision – which was unveiled during September 2012 – consists of five concepts that could be implemented in all phases of an aircraft’s operation to reduce waste in [...]

The Future by Airbus: Charles Champion interview

Duration: 00:04:26 | 6884 views

Airbus’ Executive Vice President of Engineering Charles Champion highlights findings of a two-year global survey to assess what passengers want from flying in the future. Results underscore a [...]

The Dream: 3D Printing an Airplane

Duration: 00:00:22 | 4065 views

Airbus is actively exploring the many potential applications of 3D technology including on tooling, flying parts, spare parts and more. 

Future by Airbus - Interview of Axel Krein on game changing technologies

Duration: 00:02:13 | 21844 views

Axel Krein, Airbus Head of R&T, says that - even though the Airbus concept plane is a engineers' dream - it is a hook for all the technology development which is being produced and it does contain [...]

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