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Airbus Cockpit Experience (ACE) Trainer

Duration: 00:02:24 | 3013 views

The Airbus Cockpit Experience (ACE) Trainer is a mobile cockpit simulator that simulates the A350 XWB cockpit and its associated systems in an interactive and realistic environment. It enables a [...]

Peter Chandler visits the A350 XWB cockpit

Duration: 00:02:39 | 8464 views

Chief Test Pilot Peter Chandler reports from the A350 XWB cockpit prior to the new-generation jetliner’s first flight, and highlights key elements and features.  

Paris Air Show 2013: Avionics and A350 cockpit workshop

Duration: 00:02:51 | 2288 views

The Airbus test pilot Jean-Michel ROY gives an insight of the A350 cockpit to the participants of our careers workshop at Paris Airshow 2013.

A view from the A400M cockpit

Duration: 00:02:04 | 4880 views

A400M Chief Test Pilot Ed Strongman comments on the multi-role airlifter’s public debut during the 2010 Berlin Air Show in Germany. In addition, Strongman underscores key capabilities showcased [...]

Best of airline pilots praise the A380

Duration: 00:01:55 | 2395 views

Pilots from Lufthansa, FedEx, Qantas, Air France and Kingfisher Airlines reflect on flying the A380 in this video, which also takes the viewer inside the double-decker jetliner’s state-of-the-art [...]

A380 from dream to reality: first flight

Duration: 00:02:17 | 38939 views

Go inside the cockpit of Airbus’ 21st century flagship jetliner during its historic maiden flight from Toulouse, France on 27 April 2005. Observe the activities of the six-man crew and listen to [...]

Flight Training by Airbus: A350 XWB

Duration: 00:02:12 | 14698 views

The introduction of innovative training for Airbus’ next-generation A350 XWB jetliner is reinforcing the company’s focus on pilot competencies. To provide self-paced functional learning for theory [...]

A380 flight demonstration at the 2005 Paris Air Show

Duration: 00:01:45 | 13306 views

Thousands of visitors came to Le Bourget Airport in June 2005 to see the A380 during daily flight demonstrations at the Paris Air Show. This clip features both a spectator’s perspective of one of [...]

Highlights from Day Three of the 2013 Dubai Airshow

Duration: 00:03:03 | 6323 views

The Dubai Airshow’s third day is reviewed in this “best of” video, which begins on the road to its new Dubai World Central venue.  In addition to following attendees as they traverse the air [...]

Dubai Airshow Day 4: Fly with the A400M’s daily presentation

Duration: 00:02:36 | 4516 views

The Dubai Airshow’s “Best of” video for Day 4 goes airborne with Airbus Military’s A400M, giving “ride-along” views into the cockpit and from this multi-role airlifter during its [...]

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