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A350 XWB in the making: Bremen

Duration: 00:02:57 | 4070 views

The role of Airbus’ Bremen, Germany facility in A350 XWB production is spotlighted in this video clip, which focuses on activities that include cargo loading systems development, high lift [...]

Inside look: Airbus’ Bremen facility

Duration: 00:04:04 | 2187 views

This video puts the spotlight on Airbus’ Bremen facility, the company’s second largest site in Germany – which handles activities that include flap production, wing equipping and A400M fuselage [...]

Airbus in Germany

Duration: 00:05:54 | 867 views

The capabilities and diversity of Airbus’ four sites in Germany – Hamburg, Bremen, Stade and Buxtehude – are highlighted in this video clip. It focuses on the craftsmanship, expertise and [...]

A320neo: a focus on the industrial network

Duration: 00:02:26 | 1116 views

Providing the parts that come together to form Airbus’ A320neo are some of the best engineering and technical teams working in the field today. This video provides specific details on the elaborate [...]

Focus on: the Beluga team

Duration: 00:04:04 | 464 views

The Beluga contributes to building each Airbus aircraft by delivering major components to the company’s plants and final assembly lines. This video spotlights the men and woman that fly, maintain [...]

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