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Airbus Upgrade Services - Systems and airframe

Duration: 00:02:02 | 5637 views

As air traffic demand increases over the coming years, the aviation sector must cater for the new systems requirements to support the growth. Airbus Upgrade Services offer the latest technology [...]

Airbus delivers the 100th A320 jetliner for Air Asia

Duration: 00:01:55 | 1651 views

Malaysian low-cost carrier Air Asia received its milestone 100th A320 jetliner from Airbus during a ceremony held at the company’s Toulouse, France delivery centre. This video clip includes [...]

Airbus Upgrade Services - Cabin and related systems

Duration: 00:02:04 | 7849 views

The cabin creates experience that airlines want to give to their passengers. Travellers' expectations in terms of comfort and services continuously evolve following global trends and aircraft [...]

Welcome to Airbus

Duration: 00:06:23 | 9814 views

Meet the company in this overview of Airbus, which since its founding days during the early 1970s has pioneered its way to a leading position in the civil aircraft market. Today, Airbus is a [...]

AIRTAC: Keeping Airbus fleets flying safely and efficiently

Duration: 00:04:20 | 2951 views

A dedicated Airbus team staffs the company’s AIRTAC (Airbus Technical Aircraft-on-ground Centre) support facility in Toulouse, France, which takes advantage of high-tech solutions to minimise [...]

The year in review: Airbus' 2015 highlights adjusted

Duration: 00:03:59 | 1287 views

This video recaps a wide range of commercial and operational achievements for Airbus during 2015. Highlights for the year included the company’s 9,000th total aircraft delivery, the official [...]

Tom Enders at Airbus’ 2010 annual press conference

Duration: 00:05:03 | 955 views

The joint New Year’s Press Conference with Airbus and its EADS parent company took place on 12 January 2010 at the Airbus Military facility in Seville, Spain. This speech from Airbus President and [...]

A family that flies together: Airbus’ commercial aircraft

Duration: 00:01:30 | 916 views

Airbus’ “family flight” brought together its market-leading commercial product line of single-aisle and widebody jetliners. In the skies together was the most modern and comprehensive aircraft [...]

A branding “refresh” for Airbus’ line of business aircraft

Duration: 00:01:54 | 307747 views

On 16 May 2011, Airbus introduced new branding, colours and names for its corporate jets – which underscore the company’s culture of innovation and family commonality. In this computer-generated [...]

Airspace by Airbus

Duration: 00:01:12 | 21848 views

Launched in March 2016, the new “Airspace by Airbus” cabin brand connects passenger well-being with operational performance of airline customers, and encompasses four key dimensions: comfort, [...]

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