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The A400M begins cold weather trials in Sweden

Duration: 00:04:44 | 12777 views

In February 2011, the second development Airbus Military A400M airlifter successfully opened its cold weather testing at Kiruna in northern Sweden, where temperatures reached minus-21 degrees Celsius. [...]

The A400M showcases its mission flexibility with the start-up of aerial refuelling trials

Duration: 00:02:11 | 11779 views

Airbus Military opened air-to-air refuelling trials for its A400M airlifter in February 2011, beginning with a series of dry contacts performed by the no. 1 development aircraft and a UK Royal Air [...]

Five A400M test aircraft complete an impressive formation flight

Duration: 00:02:04 | 11704 views

As the next-generation A400M continues its certification evaluations, all five of the programme’s flight test aircraft took to the sky this week for a unique formation flight performed by the Airbus [...]

A high-profile parachute jump from the A400M airlifter

Duration: 00:02:39 | 10256 views

The next-generation A400M’s capabilities for paratroop operations were underscored by a successful parachute jump from the Grizzly 3 developmental aircraft – which took place 13 November 2010 over [...]

A400M undergoes flight tests

Duration: 00:02:42 | 3633 views

The accelerating flight test pace for Airbus’ A400M military airlifter is detailed in an interview with Chief Test Pilot Ed Strongman. He speaks about the no. 3 A400M’s maiden flight on 9 July [...]

Airbus Military head praises A400M after first flight

Duration: 00:01:16 | 1787 views

Sporting a cap bearing the slogan: “A400M – Part of it, Proud of it,” Airbus Military head Domingo Urena-Raso is interviewed after the 11 December 2009 maiden flight of the all-new A400M [...]

Reviewing A400M programme milestones

Duration: 00:05:15 | 1483 views

This overview provides a brief history of the A400M, highlighting programme milestones from 2005 to 2009. Some of the key events featured include the aircraft’s first metal cut, construction of the [...]

A400M: checking all the boxes for the Turkish Air Force

Duration: 00:01:46 | 1435 views

Test pilots for the Turkish Air Force give high marks to Airbus Military’ A400M following their initial flying experience with the next-generation, multi-role airlifter in March 2011. The A400M is [...]

A400M: meeting the needs of the Royal Air Force

Duration: 00:02:24 | 1047 views

Royal Air Force test pilots underscore the capabilities of Airbus Military’s A400M following their maiden flight with the next-generation airlifter in April 2011. The A400M is a cost-effective, [...]

A400M: providing a new flying experience for the German Air Force

Duration: 00:01:55 | 917 views

Following their first experience behind the controls of Airbus Military's next-generation A400M in April 2011, test pilots for the Germany Air Force underscore how the airlifter meets all expectations [...]

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