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Emirates’ new A380 order: More flexibility to meet global traffic demands

Duration: 00:02:54 | 3687 views

 At its Dubai Airshow signing ceremony for 50 additional A380s, Emirates Airline Chairman and CEO HH Sheikh Ahmed Bin Saeed Al-Maktoum explains how these aircraft will support the airline’s route [...]

Kicking off the 2009 Dubai Airshow

Duration: 00:01:41 | 1094 views

Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Makoum, Vice President of the United Arab Emirates and Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, helps open the 2009 Dubai Airshow with a ceremonial ribbon cutting. He is then [...]

The A380 takes centre stage at the 2009 Dubai Airshow

Duration: 00:02:35 | 2291 views

The November 2009 Dubai Airshow attracted more than 50,000 industry professionals and nearly 900 exhibitors from 47 countries. Airbus’ 21st century flagship A380 – which made its appearance as [...]

A380 undergoes compatibility testing at Dubai Airport

Duration: 00:02:01 | 3384 views

Emirates Vice President of Operation Services Clive Clemson describes the A380’s excellent performance during a rigorous campaign of compatibility tests at the airline’s Dubai International [...]

Highlights from Day Three of the 2013 Dubai Airshow

Duration: 00:03:03 | 6323 views

The Dubai Airshow’s third day is reviewed in this “best of” video, which begins on the road to its new Dubai World Central venue.  In addition to following attendees as they traverse the air [...]

2013 Dubai Airshow: The week in review

Duration: 00:04:56 | 10506 views

Airbus’ active presence at the 2013 Dubai Airshow is recapped in this “best of” video compilation. Highlights from the biennial industry event include the company’s multiple contract and [...]

Airbus at the 2009 Dubai Airshow

Duration: 00:03:52 | 4151 views

This montage of highlights from the 2009 Dubai Airshow demonstrates Airbus' high-profile presence at the leading aerospace event in the Middle East. In addition to a visit from the A380 – which [...]

Airbus’ high-profile presence at the 2005 Dubai Airshow

Duration: 00:01:28 | 279 views

Airbus announces orders and commitments for 157 aircraft worth some $14 billion during the 2005 Dubai Airshow, which is a key Middle East gathering for the aerospace industry. The A380 in full [...]

Airbus marks a successful 2007 Dubai Airshow

Duration: 00:02:19 | 221 views

This overview revisits a successful 2007 Dubai Airshow for Airbus, where the company brought its 21st century A380 flagship and an A318 Elite. Airbus ended this 10th edition of the show with 163 firm [...]

A380 flies humanitarian aid to Dubai

Duration: 00:02:21 | 303 views

An A380 arriving for the 2009 Dubai Airshow carries with it eight tonnes of humanitarian aid to boost crucial stocks at Action Against Hunger’s regional hub. The organisation’s logistics manager [...]

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