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Airbus Blue 5: energy "Hit the switch" episode 3

Duration: 00:01:52 | 478 views

Energy efficiency has a crucial role to play in a more competitive and sustainable business, which is why Airbus is pushing for even greater improvements in this area. This animated video underscores [...]

Airbus Blue5: water "stop the drop" (Episode 2)

Duration: 00:01:52 | 1444 views

The second in a series of humorous videos with a serious message, highlighting key environmental issues and encouraging our employees to Make a Difference with Blue5. This short animation follows the [...]

Airbus Blue 5: A "second life" for waste through recycling (Episode 1)

Duration: 00:01:34 | 831 views

This humorous video puts the spotlight on a subject that is taken seriously at Airbus: the reduction of waste at work. The animated feature shows how a recycled soda can could have a “second [...]

Innovation at Airbus: 3D printing

Duration: 00:01:31 | 2724 views

Airbus is exploring applications of additive layer manufacturing – or 3D printing – in its jetliner product line to take advantage of this innovative production method which results in parts that [...]

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