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Etihad Airways A380: In flight (Episode 4)

Duration: 00:02:59 | 140 views

Etihad Airways’ first A380 takes to the skies in this video montage, which features in-flight footage of the 21st century flagship jetliner.

Etihad Airways A380: Furnishing (Episode 3)

Duration: 00:03:47 | 62 views

Ahead of the milestone delivery in December 2014, the first A380 for Etihad Airways – the United Arab Emirates flag carrier – receives its seats, luggage compartments and other cabin equipment. 

Etihad Airways A380: Production (Episode 1)

Duration: 00:03:28 | 55 views

In this video montage, the first A380 for Abu Dhabi-based Etihad Airways takes shape at Airbus production facilities ahead of the December 2014 delivery. Etihad will be the 13th operator worldwide to [...]

Etihad Airways A380: Painting (Episode 2)

Duration: 00:03:02 | 46 views

The no. 1 Etihad Airways A380 receives its colours in this video clip, which includes time-lapse footage of the double-deck jetliner’s painting process – which was performed at Airbus’ [...]

10th A380 delivered in 2010

Duration: 00:01:27 | 11728 views

Airbus delivered two A380s – Singapore Airlines’ 11th A380 and Lufthansa’s second A380 – on 16 July, bringing this 21st century flagship’s total in-service fleet to 33 aircraft. According [...]

The A380: An “essential aircraft” for air transport

Duration: 00:01:06 | 1174 views

 The A380’s attributes are detailed for a global air transport industry that is experiencing solid growth.  Mark Lapidus, CEO of Amedeo – which ordered 20 A380s at the Singapore Airshow for [...]

A380: Love at first flight

Duration: 00:00:15 | 212975 views

Airbus is reinforcing the unrivalled passenger appeal of its 21st century flagship A380 with a new advertising campaign – called “Love A380.”

Le Bourget 2011 - Airbus A380: welcome back on stage

Duration: 00:02:28 | 5626 views

The A380 test aircraft MSN4 landed back in Paris Le Bourget at 09:37 AM local time, showing its striking new “love at first flight” heart logo. The aircraft first arrived at Le Bourget on Sunday, [...]

The A380’s historic first commercial flight

Duration: 00:03:22 | 2637 views

The A380 formally enters revenue service with its initial commercial flight on 25 October 2007 for Singapore Airlines. This next-generation jetliner departs Singapore's Changi International Airport [...]

110th airport visited by the A380

Duration: 00:01:35 | 2629 views

Another A380 milestone was achieved on 15 July when Airbus’ 21st century flagship jetliner was welcomed to its 110th airport. This occurred when the MSN004 A380 arrived at Schiphol airport in the [...]

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